Wet diamond tile saw 1200mm


The innovative Prime 100 Wet Diamond Tile Saw 1200mm by Red Band has been engineered to meet the demands of construction projects, ensuring every cut is precise, smooth and hassle-free.


This Wet Diamond Tile Saw is provided with:

• Overheat Protection with manual reset

• Cutting progress system with a hand wheel

• Sliding cutting head & tilting engine

• Sidebar support.

Key Features 

  • Unmatched Cutting Power: Empowered with a commanding 1200mm wet diamond blade, the Red Band Prime 100 slices through various tile materials – ceramics, porcelain, and natural stone – with precision and ease, setting new standards for accuracy.


  • Wet Cutting Technology: The wet-cutting technology minimises airborne particles, creating a cleaner and healthier work environment. Plus, the continuous water flow keeps the blade cool, ensuring extended blade life.


  • Precision at Every Depth: From delicate patterns to thick tiles, the Red Band Prime 100 adapts effortlessly with adjustable cutting depth capabilities, delivering the accuracy your project deserves.


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